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Foundations of psychology for coaches

Launches May 2022

8 hours of pre-recorded sessions psychology and coaching



8 hours of pre-recorded sessions that can be accessed whenever suits you


Zoom - online




These 8 pre-recorded sessions will provide you with some basic psychological theories that provide a taste of how an understanding of psychology can support your coaching practice. 


All session are based on current research in psychology.  The relevance to coaching will be explained throughout out, and each session will include some tips and hints on how you can apply what you've learnt within your coaching practice.  


Coaches who are new to psychology but have an interest in how it can support their coaching.  It might also be relevant to coaching psychologists who are wishing to apply for Chartered Membership of the British Psychological Society (BPS) through the professional recognition in coaching psychology route, and want some tips and hints on how to prepare for Standard 2 of the Standards for Chartership in Coaching Psychology.  


We also run a 5 day Psychology for Coaches programme for those who want deeper insight, discussion and applied practice.


We will cover the core areas of psychology, plus a couple of extra areas that are particularly relevant to coaching.  These are:

  • Cognitive psychology:  including how our clients perceive the world in terms of their own reality, and the limitations in processing information that influences decisions and action

  • Social psychology: including how our clients make sense of themselves and those around them and how that shapes expectations and relationships

  • Biological psychology: including neuroplasticity (underpins change work), how key areas of the brain, hormones and neurotransmitters work and influence our emotions, cognitions and behaviours

  • Developmental psychology: including how adults develop new ways of making sense of the world, and growth v fixed mindsets

  • Differential psychology: including personality theories and the use of psychometrics in coaching

  • Behaviour change: including understanding why change can be hard, and exploring theories that explain how change happens

  • Group dynamics: including the factors that make a difference to the success of a team

  • Mind/body connection:  including how physical wellness impacts on our mental functioning, and vice versa


Delivered by Dr Marie Stopforth, Founder and Coaching Psychologist 

Marie is a Chartered Psychologist and coaching psychologist.  She has taught Coaching Psychology at the University of East London, before launching her own coaching business.  More recently, she wrote the BPS Standards for Chartered Coaching Psychology, and is the Chief Assessor for their professional recognition route.

In this programme we will ....

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